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HUGH: What? What do you mean, me?

AVENGERSPRITE: Yo-you see, before the incident with the rainbow yo-yo, yo-you should remember the Sprite’s previous form, which was the product of the Kernel’s “hatching”.

AVENGERSPRITE: This process is automatic! It occurs shortly after yo-your arrival into the Medium. Two Kernels are produced, one dark, one light, each carrying the information they were prototyped with prior to the hatching process.

AVENGERSPRITE: One goes down, to a kingdom entrenched in darkness. The other, up, to a kingdom basking in light! Each arrives in an Orb situated on the top of a Spire. The are three other Spires, if yo-you must know. The Four Spires are situated above a throne, and these two thrones belong to the two respective Sovereign Powers!

AVENGERSPRITE: Once the Kernels are in place, the true battle begins, light versus dark, and good versus evil.

AVENGERSPRITE: In this fierce brawl, the forces of light, whether yo-you like or not, are always destined to lose. |

Art is by me.
Homestuck is by Andrew Hussie. This is based on the storyboard for his webcomic Homestuck. This is also a fancomic.
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