Webracer GP

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Hacked to turn on Debug Gamedata. This skips King’s API.


Webracer GP screenshots

Webracer GP Gameplay

2 thoughts on “Webracer GP”

  1. The track you couldn’t recognize is Imola, at least according to the files downloaded by FlashPoint. But I don’t wonder why you couldn’t recognize this course as the direction is clockwise here (the actual course is driven counterclockwise).

  2. I’d add another note in the “notes” section – this version of WebRacer gp has only 2 courses. You’ll race on the one I couldn’t recognize and on streets of Monaco. Nothing more. I know there was even Hungaroring and Magny Cours. So I’d rather add the tag “incomplete”.
    You can even play this in FlashPoint, but it’s the same version as here.


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