Tom and Jerry – Puzzle Book

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Tom and Jerry – Puzzle Book

Tom and Jerry’s Puzzle Book contains 20 images and your job is to put them all together from little puzzle pieces. The first thing you want to do is to click anywhere on the book and pick up the image you like. A new puzzle opens up for you at the easiest level. That means that the initial number of pieces is minimal. There’s a transparent image preview on your left, while the puzzle pieces are placed on your right. To put a puzzle piece on a designated place correctly, you should use a mouse, so you can drag, drop and rotate individual pieces as you like. Once the level finishes, you can go to the next, harder level or you can go to the main menu and change the image. Tom and Jerry love solving puzzles in their spare time, so hopefully you will like them too.


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Tom and Jerry - Puzzle Book Gameplay

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