The Last Snowman: Escape from the Arctic

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The Last Snowman: Escape from the Arctic

Snowy the last snowman of the Arctic is on his journey to warn the IPCC. Help him manoeuvre the various obstacles and reach his goal.

This is one of my game entries for a competition about global warming and conservation. I came up with the idea of the melting arctic, and that there was a character called Snowy the snowman. Due to the massive meltdown, he is the Last Snowman of the Arctic.

Players have to help him on this platformer adventure to reach the IPCC to warn them about the disaster the world is causing because of massive pollution and irresponsible exploitation of nature.

The boss fight here is one of the biggest I’ve designed until then, and it has 2 phases to make it a bit more challenging. After you defeat the boss, you could even step on his body to get across. Took a bit of extra coding to make that happen.

Please wait a while for it to load below …

Platform Adventure: Manoeuvre past all the obstacles to reach the IPCC.

Mini Game 1: Collect as many snowflakes as you can.

Mini Game 2: Tower Defense … place your towers strategically to prevent the waves of monsters from reaching the end of their path.

Platform Adventure, Mini Game 1: A – Move Left, D – Move Right, O – Shoot Snowball, P – Jump

Mini Game 2: Click to place towers

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