The Clash of the Breakfast

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The Clash of the Breakfast

Sorry, no sound, had to take it out. but its still good.

Note: 1 olive army scene might lag (too many olives)

Story:The evil poptart known as Dr. Frosty Von Badness wants to rule the Balenced Breakfast with army of Olives and M&M’s.

It is up to a young delicious pancake to save the day.

My friends made 2 characters up and I made a movie about them

I did this under 2 weeks and worked on it every other day.

The story doesn’t make that much sense, lol.

Also, for the anticipated Star Wars movie coming up, I did a little tribute to them by making M&M tie fighters (I thought it up a long time ago, before the M&M commercial), and the Star Destroyer like Cake.

I don’t think i’ll do part 2, unless everyone likes it. 😀

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