The Adventures of… Scrotum the Puppy!!! 5

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The Adventures of… Scrotum the Puppy!!! 5

The lost episode of the greatest puppy that ever lived.

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Submitted by Cyprus, which normally isn’t allowed, but for the sake of Scrotum 5, here it is. Commentary by Cyprus:
"Over a half decade ago Brian Beaton created the first great flash series ever to hit Newgrounds. After 4 amazing episodes that all were in the Top 50 Brian quit and left the flash world forever. But before he left for good he created a 5th episode and partially finished a 6th. He never submitted the movie to the portal. And after his website was deleted in 2002 it became nearly impossible to find any of these episodes. It was lost in cyberspace. Until now. But here it is for any of you Newgrounders that love the history of the portal and love this amazing series. A half decade after its creation it has finally come home. Where it belongs. The Portal. In a time where flash animation was still in its infancy… Brian Beaton set the bar.
Ok, just so EVERYONE KNOWS. I am in NO way trying to take any credit for this what-so-ever! This movie has to be seen, and cant sit idley on a angelfire website that wont be around next month. This is a huge part of Newgrounds history. This was the "Tankmen" of the early 2000’s. In 6 years if you found "Tankmen 4: the lost episode" after the author left the flash world… tell me you wouldnt put it on here. If Tom or anyone wants to take this off my account and put it fully on Brians PLEASE do.
Alright, enough babbling… Welcome home Scrotum!"


This was Brian’s last Flash Movie.

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Scrotum The Puppy 5


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