Test: Cooperative Testing

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Test: Cooperative Testing

Meh… Just decided to throw something randomly here…
Or is it?

Not really, I’ve been doing extensive testing with hair movements and such as I promised that the final Pony Portal animation will be different from the other 6. This thing is up to be reviewed I suppose whether I already got that technique in the bag or if I still need to refine it 🙂 Oh well, everything needs refinement as they said.

Chose this scene (part of the prologue) as I do not want to spoil any part of it. I will release some kind of teaser or similar to that in a short while; I’m only like 25 – 30% finished so far.

What do you say?

(By the way, after this I’ll be utilising youtube more when first releasing any animations before DA follows a day or so; Don’t want to trouble those without flash players)

And by the way, this thing will be going to scraps after I feel its purpose is achieved 😉

Those who spot Twilight gets a cookie :iconbigcookieplz:
Out of cookies guys ^^; Try visiting the darkside they got some freshly baked.

(oh, and for those who have silly ideas or such ( 😐 ), Bonbon just need a little momentum to launch herself through a portal made up high on the walls which is why she uses Lyra as a launch platform)

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Test: Cooperative Testing Gameplay

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