T-Bone’s Stress Relief Aquarium

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T-Bone’s Stress Relief Aquarium

Click the fish to relieve your daily stress accumulation by torturing a defenseless sprite. Just transpose all that anger and aggression you’ve built up, onto the fish in the bowl and let’em have it.

You can imagine the fish is something that you really hate and torture it by electrocution;

You can also drag out an eventual death by contamination by slowly poisoning the little bugger;

Or you can just fill the bowl with all of your angst and misery and obliterate the scapefish.

Don’t worry, he can’t feel a thing. There’s an old fisherman’s proverb that goes: “Don’t worry he can’t feel a thing”.

So torture away, it’s fun, it’s therapeutic and the best part is, nobody gets hurt and you feel better than you would say, if you hacked up your family or co-workers with an ax.

And by the way: If you’ve got any suggestions on how you’d like to torture the fish; or just some comments in general, please let me know so that we may better serve your sadistic needs.

If you click to the “Torture-A-Fish” and all you see is an empty bowl and the fish does not appear then you don’t have the proper plug-in to view this page; will be able to provide this for you quickly and free of charge.

All that said, filter that frustration into your clicking finger; turn up those speakers and let’s get torturing! Click here, and remember to let everything fully load for the best effect.

Torture-A-Fish is t-bone production.

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