Summoner Saga Battle test

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Summoner Saga Battle test

Jaaaa=D test of Summoner Saga again!!

I have make my original RPG battle system, please try it!!

And please give me your comment!! is it too hard? or too easy?

or maybe you have new idea? or find some error? or want some service?=p haha

In this test, you will use Ray & Misa team, and your enemy is Gargoyle.

This is my original battle system, if you hit enemy by ‘attack’your MP will +5

but MP cost for magic and Heal is quite many=p

And you must remember, if your HP becom less than 30, You can able to

use Special Attack. It’s high damage, but MP cost is 40;p

Well, just use your strategy to beat Gargoyle. I usually get win in this test.

Once again please give me comments. it’s useful for me to make complete version of this game. and I hope you enjoy it!!=D You need to wait until loading is finished first jaaa…

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Summoner Saga Battle test screenshots

Summoner Saga Battle test Gameplay

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