Submachine 3: the Loop

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Submachine 3: the Loop

Submachine 3 is a point-and-click game of exploration and puzzle solving created by Mateusz Skutnik and hosted by Arcade Town. As the intro so cleverly notes, there are no items to collect, no diary to keep, no trash bin to check, and no spoon to, er, bend. Itโ€™s just you, the machine, and an infinite metallic world to explore one screen at a time.

Each level is structured in similar fashion with puzzles to solve that unlock the main exit button. Youโ€™ll usually find a map in the room to your right as the level begins, and it marks the location of clues youโ€™ll need to help you figure out how to unlock the exit. A coordinate system helps to navigate the massive world, and without it you could literally move from room to room until you passed out from exhaustion. The coordinates actually play a big part in solving the gameโ€™s riddles, so if youโ€™re stuck, just look at the room number.

Puzzles range from simple to moderately complex, but none of them are utterly impossible. That wouldnโ€™t make for much of a game, would it? Nothing is ever spelled out for you, so youโ€™ll need to rely on your own powers of observation to progress. The vast, empty world free from hand-holding and lengthy tutorials reminds me somewhat of Myst, as do the machinery-related puzzles and slide show presentation. Although the visuals are extremely simple, they certainly are effective and let you focus on solving the puzzles and progressing further into the game.

The game uses passwords to save your progress, so check the top of the screen as you begin each level for the code. Also, keep a piece of paper handy to jot down notes or draw maps. Submachine 3 almost requires note taking.

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