Submachine 1: the Basement

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Submachine 1: the Basement

This version is basically the same as the previous one. However, in 2014 I was finally able to contact the musician behind this gameโ€™s ambient music, which, by now, is iconic part of the entire Submachine series. Since this piece was originally downloaded from some website with free sounds (I know, I know, professionalism at itโ€™s best) โ€“ first of all I asked him for a permission to use this music in my game. Only 9 years too late, but hey. This humble and generous man said yes. His name is Marcus Gutierrez and his name landed on the menu page, properly credited as music author. Besides that ambient revelation, this version also introduces the ancient coin inventory item instead of ye-olde Euro coin. This change was dictated by making sub 1 more lore-friendly, since it all revolves around ruins, runes, old artefacts and what not. Euro just doesnโ€™t belong in this world. This might be a small change programming-wise, but itโ€™s big enough for me to grant a new version of the game.

Version: 5.0

Submachine 1: the Basement screenshots

Source: Mateusz Skutnik

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