StarCraft – War of Honor

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StarCraft – War of Honor

So Thank you for your marks guys
Firstly, here are some hot key of the game :
Hot Keys: 1 : move foward 2 : move backward 3: stop

I’m so happy that it’s time to show you guys the secret unit – imperial trooper( or simply green marine)
They are the most elite infanties in the Terran armies. They REALLY HELP A LOT.
To summon them, click on the arrow below the Move foward Button. A thingy will come out. Type the following codes:
x-co: “786”
z-co:” i wanna go home~~~ “

and soon you will find a new button to summon them.

Hello guys. I hope that you know something about StarCraft as those stuff in the game require a bit common knowledge to understand so… Good Luck.

Ok. Let’s talk about the game. This is My, again, First step to make sth like RTS. In the Game, you play as one of the hopeless leader of a small team defending the planet Mars Sara, which is a EXTREMELY IMPORTANT planet to the Terran. You will discover that the Zerg has mutated into a form of … horrible creature and try to infest the whole Earth. Therefore, you have to join forces with the remainning survivers on Mars Sara and stop those Tough Zerg.

Use of Ghost: In stage 1, U must use Ghost to Kill the Thorn, which is an invisible enemy that feed on your infanties. I wanna say sth about how to use the Ghost.
Click on the Ghost when there are ammo over his head. A green circle will appear if you click him on time. Then your mouse become a scope and that means he’s ready to shot. The bullet can kill any enemy units at once but not the thorn. Click on the battlefield to shot. If you move your mouse to the panel of abilities, he will Automatically reload for a long time. Remember to reload on time.

Cancel of abilities: If you find you choose wrong abilities(for example you wanna heal your guys but you choose chemical nuke HEHE), move your mouse near to the button “Cancel Ability” and it will be cancelled.

Building of Base: Build as many troops you can. No time limited but supply is limited. (But soon you’ll find it”s not a problem, RIGHT? ;P)

And finally, you may discover some secret units. Enjoy them… (But can you use it ? GAHAHAHAHHA)

Bye then ^^ (Enjoy this)

Version: 1.0

StarCraft: War of Honor

StarCraft – War of Honor screenshots


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