Slingo Try-Dem-Perks

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Try-Dem-Perks, You’ll Like Dem! Solitaire is now cooler than the other side of the pillow with our all new Try-Dem-Perks! This Slingtastic game has all the fun of solitaire, plus tons of different patterns and an extra twist to keep it interesting. If you’re looking for a game of solitaire that always has something new to bring to the table, then Try-Dem-Perks is just the game you were looking for! Try-Dem-Perks uses the same 52-card deck you’re used to. The cards are dealt out in a pattern, with the rest in a pile you flip through as you play. You take the top card on your discard pile and try to move one up or one down from it to clear your board. (So if a 10 is on your discard pile, you could clear a 9 or a Jack.) Try to clear away chains of cards all at once to get the dial on your score ticking up super fast. And then there are the Perks. Under some cards, you’ll find these plucky little charms waiting for you. In Try-Dem-Perks, you can use a Perk as a wild card any time you’re stuck. And talk about variety – we’ve created more Try-Dem-Perks patterns to play than you can shake a stick at. Try different boards like Temple of Doom, Schoolhouse Rock and Moon Over Miami to mix things up, and it’ll be like rediscovering solitaire all over again! Between the Perks and the patterns, there’s nothing but fun in Try-Dem-Perks. It’ll keep you coming back for more for months to come!

Version: 1.6

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