-Sexy China Dress-

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~Sexy China Dress~

Here I have explored several of the new Poser Pro 2014 features:

* Fitting Room: converted the cheongsam dress from Vicky3 to AnimeDoll.
* Morph Tool: much more usable now. Helped fitting the dress after conversion.
* Comic Book Toon mode: improves default toon mode. Also used in the B/W thumbnail.
* Bullet Physics: animated the hair with softbody dynamics!
* Cloth Room: a little faster in this version. Animated the dress.

There is an obvious lack of control when painting weight maps in the new Fitting Room, where you can select body groups but not material zones. Therefore painting weights over hard or soft features goes down to vertex hunting with a brush – impossible to do right. In addition, cloth fitting collides with the figure but not with itself. The overlapping cloth layers on the chest poke through all over, and there is nothing to prevent that. As a consequence, the dress details get destroyed in the smoothing phase – but thanks to toon mode that doesn’t show here! I have also fixed the pokethrus in 3DSMAX, but maybe I could had done it with the new morph took in Poser itself. ^^

Painting weight maps on the hair takes a lot of trial and error, but the “live simulation” mode makes it easy to visualize how the weight maps affect the geometry in real time – awesomeness!

There are 3 simulations running in this animation: the hair back, hair locks, and dress. I tried softbody physics with the dress, but it doesn’t pay off – the Bullet engine is too slow for cloth simulations when the collision objects are animated because it has to recreate all collision objects in every frame. Nonetheless, I am not convinced this doesn’t work because I have seen Bullet simulating cloth in real-time in MMD (Miku Miku Dance). I just have to figure out how it was done. Or maybe some Bullet functionality used in MMD is missing in Poser?

Figure is AnimeDoll. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!

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-Sexy China Dress- Gameplay

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