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Author Comments:

This game was made in Adobe Flash as part of the 2022 Flash Forward Jam
At this time, Ruffle (the emulator that makes Flash Games work in your browser) has to load the WHOLE game, and may crash while loading. You may need to refresh the page a few times if this happens. I have also heard that it may work better on Edge than it does in Chrome, so that is also an option.

If the game crashes, it DOES have autosave, so you SHOULD be able to refresh and pick up where you were.

Android Users: Try holding down on the screen to get the Ruffle menu and play this shit in FULL SCREEN!
PC Users: You too, just right click!

iOS Users: A current bug in Safari is causing large swf files to fail in Ruffle. This is not a Ruffle issue, it’s also causing other WebGL engines, like Uinity, to crash. We’re hoping the next OS update fixes this, but Safari is a big chunk of dookie, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up 🙁

Tip: if you feel stuck, talk to the NPCs. Even if you already talked to them! Some of their dialogue changes at key points in the game, and we made sure to pack a TON if hints in there!


Update: April 26

Nothing new in the actual game, but we finally added some actual author commentary below!

Update: April 21

Pushed a big update with bug fixes and a bunch of new “voice acting” so all the characters come to life better.

Update: April 22

Seems like a lot of people were getting stuck at the same part of the game, so I added some more interactions and dialogue. Of course, this means getting more screen time for the greatest character of all time, BACON CHEEKS!


It all started with a drawing. Sam (@polliwopple) was doodling and came up with this hotdog and popcorn, inspired by those old movie theater intermission animations, and DEMANDED that Josh (@PsychoGoldfish) make it into a game. Despite many attempted bribes, and threats, Josh refused to partake in such juvenile tomfoolery.

Some time later, in Josh’s private Discord group, @Jacob and Sam developed some weird toe sucking fetish (they claim it’s just an inside joke, but I dunno). This is surprisingly relevant to the development of this game

Eventually, Flash Forward Jam 2022 was announced, and Josh had literally no better ideas, so he caved and lowered himself to take on the task of making Sam’s stupid sausage game idea.

Sam’s full idea: “I dunno, he’s a hotdog that’s trying to escape the movie theater or something.”

So Josh started coming up with some puzzle ideas, and he and Sam would discuss them and find jokes to make them work. What started out as a cute and cuddly world with a hotdog doing helpful quests for popcorns slowly began to take a dark turn. All the jokes ended up with characters dying, being dismembered, and all sorts of awful things that made this depraved group of developers laugh.

Then we started talking about sound design, and how cool it would be if an actual fake movie was playing the whole time, rather than traditional BG music. It didn’t take long for Jacob to step in with some sample ideas, that WERE ALL ABOUT FUCKING TOES! (I told you!).

For real… if you beat the game, you can continue, and walk to the parking lot and just listen to all the toe stuff after the intermission and movie trailer stuff is over!

With the core idea of cute characters, dark story puzzles, and weird toe stuff in place, we quickly banged out this game (just kidding, it took like 3 months, and a lot of therapy).

The game was coming out pretty good, but the real icing on the cake was the final touches. The banging theme and club music from Jacob (even the credits music has toe shit, wtf?), and an operatic end movie score from @Spadezer completed the ambience. The voice talents of @mzza, @itsreddqueen, Spadezer, Jacob and Josh filled out the cast, and @albegian stole the show as Bacon Cheeks.

And the amazing beta testing talents of @Deluca2400 (who?), MY GOD!

Anyway, we hope you like our stupid sausage game!

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