Sandra Cooking Desserts

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Sandra Cooking Desserts

Sandra Cooking Desserts is a new game with cooking appeared on our site where you have to do your best in order to complete your goal successfully, to make the perfect desserts. In this game appeared on our site, you need just the mouse to complete all the tasks step by step. During the game you will receive all the necessary indications to complete your goal successfully so you don`t have to worry about anything. You need to go shopping with the girl in order to complete your goal to have all the ingredients. You have to save the final result if you like how you cake looks. In this game you need to take the ingredients from the shelves and to put them in the shopping kart. Use them carefully to make the cake and then to make also a cupcake. At the end your goal is to decorate the desserts because in this way they will look delicious. If you think you will try this recipe at home you can note the necessary ingredients and what you have to do step by step.


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