Russel’s Swashbuckler Smoochie

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Russel’s Swashbuckler Smoochie

Russell’s Swashbuckler Smoochie / Russel’s Sloop of War Smoochie

Russell’s sailing on his Sloop, and this time, he must go through an ordeal of 3 different deaths. Poor him… But it can’t be helped…

If you wait for quite a while, Russel will perform 2 different idle animations.

Once more, luck is on my side. All of the ordeals and title starts with the letter S (Sloop, Sea fish, Swashbuckling, Salvo).

I hope you do have fun with this one! I tell you, I’m in a frenzy working at this in only 3 days. Comments, Reviews, Critiques, and Jeers are most welcome!

The music, is from Sid Meier’s Pirates!. Hell, its one music that can be Russel’s own theme in my opinion!

Happy Tree Friends and all of the characters is a copyright of Mondo Media. This is a fanmade animation and is non-canon with the original series.

By the way, the toothpick Shark needs a little bit of love please! dad always told me to clean my teeth between meals…

Russell Swashbuckler Smoochie

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