Riddle School

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EDIT! (August 2020)

For the time being, the Riddle School series is very buggy in Newgrounds’ substitute for Flash Player.

To play a working version, download Riddle School here until the Newgrounds Player is perfected.

Click this button on the GameJolt page:

Thank you all so much for continuing to enjoy the series after all this time.

~ Jonochrome (AKA JonBro)

Riddle School
(This is a mouse-only game; no keyboard use)

Riddle School 2

August 16, 2011 – 1 million views

Version: 2.0.0

Riddle School screenshots


5 thoughts on “Riddle School”

  1. if you wanted to speed run the first riddle school it would take 0.2 seconds but if your new to this game it will take 50 seconds or if your old it will take 15 minutes.


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