Redemption Of The Sloogs V2

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Redemption Of The Sloogs V2

Ok this is a crazy one, four players on one keyboard. If you have that many friends. This is a great multiplayer game. It is gonna run slow on some computers so you may want to set it to low quality. You can do many matches with 2-4 players use pickups to blast the enemy to pieces.

If you currently have no one with you add it to your favs and come back.

-Bug fixes-
Speed boosters on large maps.
Player 4 instantly wins after they have one once.
Infinite ammo for player 4.
And some others.

Character selection menu.
3 new outfits.
Bridge map updated.
Hall map Updated.
London eye map Updated.

Version: 2

Redemption Of The Sloogs Game

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