Raincloud Defense

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Note: Please do not play this game or even read this description unless you’re watched Cherry Bomb, the new episode of Friendship is Witchcraft.

Since I was busy selling things I wasn’t able to watch the new Friendship is Witchcraft at BronyCon, so I watched it the second I got back from the con and holy crap this is the best episode yet.

Also, Raincloud is best pony. That, and Gypsy Pie.

In honor of Raincloud’s nobility and valor I have made this game. Of course, since it only took me three hours or so to make there are very many rough edges. This includes the background music, which is not 100% vocal free. I’ll replace it with a better version once Sherclop releases an instrumental version. I hope you enjoy the crushing despair of being an unappreciated character that is doomed to fail in a universe filled with war and apathy!

(I did get to meet Sherclop Pones and OH MAN THEY ARE AWESOME!)

v1.0 – Yay.
v1.1 – Added new animations for Raincloud. Removed a game breaking exploit. Fixed bug where a cherry bomb knocked out of bounds by another cherry bomb did not count towards score.

PS – Feel free to comment with bugs and suggestions but I will likely not spend very much time working on this game anymore (besides improving the music as mentioned before) since I’m devoting all my free time to finishing up Catch the Scootaloo 2 before Trotcon.

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Raincloud Defense Gameplay

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