Pina Pony

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Pina Pony is a Free Pony Game which can be played online at Take this cute Pina Pony through a candy adventure and have a wonderful time while playing with it. You can play a normal mode, where Pina Pony can move by using left-right arrow key or by moving your mouse and jump by pressing the space bar or left mouse button. The other is -one button- mode, where you don`t have to accelerate or decrease speed, just jump to collect as many candies, bonus jumps and avoid obstacles, spikes, and fun spoilers. Press twice space bar or left mouse button for a higher jump. Direction can be suddenly changed and next to that you know is a backward or upside ride. The background music is fantastic, Pina Pony too cute, candies are so yummy, so don`t miss a chance to have these bags of fun!

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