Pico Pong

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If you play normal mode, beware, the speed goes up as you, or your opponent’s score goes up. The highest speed you can get is 60 which is at 500 points. I wouldn’t try this with a slow computer!

For all of you who don’t have a sense of detecting sarcasm, Frick mode is supposed to do that, and is, in turn, a joke. Stop complaining about it…

Pico plays pong? Nah…No way…And against his arch nemesis? Wow, Pico you’ve stooped low.

If you are looking for a boring game of pong (that you can’t win, but I didn’t tell you that) then go ahead and take the BIG RISK of “Normal Mode”.
If you’re looking for a challenge, click on “Frick Mode”.
If you really couldn’t care less, click on “Extreme Mode”.

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