Party at the Zoo

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We’re here to deliver you the invitation to all those adorable animals’ at the zoo super party! This time it’s going to be a โ€œfind the differenceโ€ themed one, you know, so you’d better walk into the shoes of a cunning, perspicacious detective and impress the little buddies with your outstanding difference โ€œhuntingโ€ skills! Play the Party at the Zoo and venture yourself into each one of these little cuties’ cages, looking for any precious clues that might lead you to even more precious… differences!

So, here you are now, in the adorable baby puma’s zone! Her challenge will be the very first one to respond to, out of all the 10 equally tricky ones to come, put together for you by all the other lovely wild animals at the zoo. That’s right, this is one of those spot the difference games loaded with lots and lots of demanding, tricky levels to test your detective skills with! So, you’d better start analyzing each little clump of grass, each apparently insignificant rock, appearing in the two images on your screen, you’d better scan the little puma’s body itself, all the bushes in the background and so on. Don’t let any suspect little shadow appearing in one picture and missing from its misleadingly identical one, escape your vigilance, any little leaf or differently colored items from one of the two images escape your detective eye instead of getting turned into some valuable differences. Once you spot anything suspect, click on it and it will instantly vanish off your screen. If you’re a true spot the difference games addict, you will surely qualify this game here as one of the most challenging and therefore most engaging ones you’ve ever tried! You’ll then grant yourself the chance to continue your tour of the zoo park and visit other and other animals’ cages, lingering there for as long as it takes you to spot all the differences hiding in their bedding, in their fur, through the grass in their cages, in all the trees and bushes recreating their natural habitat.

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