Paragon Guild Wars Fan Dressup

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Paragon Guild Wars Fan Dressup


Ah, Paragon armor. The class that dared to ask: what if we take that silly skimpy armor women wear in video games, and put it on the /guys/? Needless to say, this one had to be a couple maker.

There will be a final update, including new backgrounds and the option to dress either just the woman, just the man, or both, and the “done” button to remove the interface, but I’m leaving the country for a month tomorrow, and I wanted to put up what I had before I left.

This summer’s project, halfway done!

This will eventually be a couple maker, but here’s the lady part now. I need to take a break from Guild Wars stuff to focus on a school project in flash.

This game is based on the Paragon class in the original Guild Wars. I added the character Hayda’s armor as well as the stuff that players can wear, because Paragon armor is really skimpy and at least Hayda’s stuff covers the midriff. That being said, while it’s not great for protection, Guild Wars designs are always lovely, and the male Paragon… he’s going to be fun to draw.

As always with my Guild Wars games, the original armor designs are all Arena Net’s. This is a fannish labor of love.

Paragon Couple Maker

Paragon Guild Wars Fan Dressup screenshots


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