Megaman X Bros.

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better use the pop up, it will run faster…
PWND the game and didnt understand the final? check this out:
(did i warn indirectly that there are SPOILERS for those who didn’t play?)


again, sorry for the mamaf***ing grammar, English is not my default language =P
same spects: 1.0 GHz recommended and at least 64 ram…..i canยดt find the fla =)
(nota espaรฑola abajo)
Finaly, after beating up my lazyness, passing tests and taken vantage of my small yet fun vacations, I have finished my second proyect, and, for those that liked my frist one, sorry for being late, im on school you know…
o and, if you have quality problems, before start a new game(or continue) go to options, is the only way to change quality, sorry

and sorry for the bad english grammar, is not my naive language XD

well, controls are explained at the preloader, and most of the bugs that existed on the frist one has been squashed for this one, but unluckily for all, new ones has apeared…report them in the reviews or at my mail, [email protected], but plz ONLY send mail, is a mess to handle MSN whit 300 people registered in yor list that it
doesnยดt use MSN anymore…

well, thatยดs all folks, vote fair and hope you like it!

NOTA PARA HISPANOS: Este juego a sido hecho en espaรฑol tambien, pueden disfrutarlo si gustan, y si es que no les importa jugar un juego de megaman una y otra vez XD

min esp:
64 Ram
1.0 Ghz
(no encuentro el FLA, ches reformatiadas)

yo que ustedes descargaba el swf o lo veo desde linux…no se molesten en decompilarlo por que el codigo es un caos y de nada les sirve

Megaman Bros X (EP2)

Megaman X Bros. screenshots


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