Mega Man X RPG Chapter 0

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Mega Man X RPG Chapter 0

Chapter 1 IS COMPLETE at last. I highly suggest you just skip this entry and just go to the good stuff. It is much more complete and (almost) crash free. Thanks!


– A deep, well written story that will ultimately tie in the X series with original Megaman. Keep in mind that this chapter is ONLY the tutorial and Boss Rush mode.
– Excellent music.
– Deep character customization.
– Multiple characters.
– Branching choices that affect future story elements.
– Boss Rush mode. I should warn you that it is HARD. (Check out the comments.)
– Autosave and save features. Yes, your save file will carry over to the next installment.

————- HOW TO SAVE YOUR GAME ————————-
When it comes to saving, YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE that you’ve told Flash it’s okay to save cookies BEFORE you save. If not, it might not save things correctly. To do this, RIGHT CLICK on the game anywhere on the screen. Go to >> SETTINGS >> then click on the first tab that looks like a screen with an eye on it. Click on “ALLOW” (and preferablly “REMEMBER”), then click on the next tab which looks like a folder. Ensure that it’s set to AT LEAST 1 MB. Then you should be good to go.*
————- ————————- ——————-

PATCH NOTES 1.1 (4/13/09) –
– Fixed an issue with text boxes not correctly being displayed.
– Fixed Achievement spelling errors. DOH.
– I’m aware that certain statistical information is incorrectly displayed in the Achievement tab. I’ll amend that later.

PATCH NOTES 1.2 (4/14/09) –
– Fixed the major issue of Battlechips not retaining their data. Sorry about that. You can swap them now to any character and their progress will not be reset to 0.
– Reploid Zero will no longer steal your shit.
– Using items in battle will now tally correctly.
– The Sync Meter recharges much quicker.
– IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUS SAVE DATA BEFORE THIS PATCH, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD IT. Start fresh since I had to amend a few lines of code.

PATCH NOTES 1.3 (4/15/09) –
– Fixed the combat glitch!! No more freezes! (Hopefully).
– Fixed the hole in the Boss Rush mode.
– THE COMBAT GLITCH apparently is still active, and I’m not entirely sure why. If this happens to you, there are five boxes under the Health Bar. If the game is running smoothly, all five boxes should be green; if it crashes, one or more will remain red. If the game freezes, let me know which box, if any, is still red. This will greatly increase my odds of finding the problem, since I have been unable to duplicate the problem in my testing. Thanks!

*NOTE* – Older versions of Internet Explore seem to have issues reloading this game. I’ll correct this fairly soon. For the time being, If at all possible, use Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Again, this is a RE-loading issue; if you’re trying to play this for the first time, you’ll be fine.

Version: 1.3

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