Little Forest Dress Up

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Little Forest Dress Up

This is my dream- to live in the forest in harmony with all the animals. XD :heart:
I started this around a month ago, but lost interest. T_T;;

(*) Mix and Match tops and bottoms!
(*) All flowers, leaves, and plants in the lighter-green section can be used over and over again.
(*) There are 3 different colours for each type of leaf.
(*) There are four patches to add to clothes as decoration.
(*) The two long flower chains are wreaths for the doll’s head.
(*) The white tights can be used seperately from the green mini-skirt.

Please just enjoy this game here!
:shamrock: DON’T submit any pictures of this game as your own deviation.
:shamrock: That means DON’T upload any snapshots/saved pictures of the forest girl you have dressed up, or any other pictures that you may have made with this game, as your own deviation.
:shamrock: On that note, DON’T upload any pictures you have taken of this game to ANY website.
:shamrock: Also, DON’T reupload this game to this site or any other website! It is to be seen and played on my DeviantArt account only! (but feel free to give a text link to this page ^_^)
:shamrock: And please, DON’T claim any creations that you have made on this game as your own work. (And don’t claim ANY part of this game as your own work!)

– I have exceptions of these rules for me and my friends ONLY –

This game is copyright Ruth Brain. (me! XD)

(Sorry for the strictness- but there has been too much fraud with dollmakers/dress-up games! >_< )

Little Forest Dress Up screenshots


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