Left 4 Dead: Flash

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Development started in October 2010.It started out as this:

Yup.It started as a first-person shooter consisting of endless waves.After developing for quite some time,I gave up due to the fact that it was too boring and there wasn’t alot of story to it.I then spend 1 month to make a side scroller

It was much more fun than the first person shooter hence I spend another 5 months to continue to develop on this game.

After the 5 months,I stopped development on this game because of a project for the competition.During November this year,i finished my project and went back to this project.After revisiting to this project,I realise that the programming and physics of the game was horribly done that I decided to reprogramme the whole game from scratch and at mid november,I came up with this:

Nicer looking weapons,better animations,better navigation for the player.I then constantly add new things to the game.At mid decemeber,this is the state of the game:

There will be more updates on the game,stay tune!



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