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A classic DBZ&Matrix styled stick fight

Author Comments:

Update 22.10: “Glacius” made a sequel to this:
Update 11.10: We’ve noticed that seems that the movie doesn’t load when you open it, but it loads, trust the NG-preloader. Wait patiently and the play-button should appear there. ๐Ÿ˜‰
J.A.S.F= Just Another Stick Fight
My friend made this, but I did the crappy techno you hear in the beginning of the movie. He gave me the permission to submit this, because he doesn’t have a NG account or an E-mail. I’m going to make a movie of my own someday… maybe ^_^
Without my help, the movie wouldn’t probably never been submitted here. I compressed the audio and adviced him to keep the movie size low. Still the movie size turned out to be a little high. Sorry, but we did out best to compress it.
His comments:
“I used 2 weeks to create this. If I had a computer of my own, It would’ve been done in matter of days. It’s my first actual animation. Enjoy!”

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JASF Gameplay

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