J.K. Rowling Official Site

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J.K. Rowling Official Site

Jump aboard the Hogwart Express to come on a fantastic adventure at the official JK Rowling Website. See what’s on my desk.
Read all about me, JK Rowling, and what inspired and still inspires the Harry Potter series.
Read the very latest news. See what the latest rumours are and get all the gossip.
There are hidden pieces of Potteriana hidden all around the site. Finding these gains you rewards to store in your scrapbook.
Get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. The non-Flash area aims to deliver all the information to W3C AA priority standards.

Notes: This is a full reproduction of the August 2009 version of the website, tweaked a little bit so as to also include some content that was removed before that point. See the alternates for other versions of the site.

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