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I miss you is a dark horror game that tries to restore the splendor of the previous series of Horror House.โ€™ The players who played The House 2 and the Horror House will know exactly what kind of a game I miss you is.

The game marked on Game Jolt where it was first shown up and the story starts when a guy died in a car accident. This guyโ€™s wife wants to commit suicide once she comes to know about her husbandโ€™s death, after two days she commits suicide. Now, the house in which they lived gets haunted. People who live surrounding that house starts hearing weird things and so they report to the authorities about the weird activities and sounds that they hear every day, but they are not able to see anyone. But, no one has the courage to get inside the house and check out whatโ€™s happening in that house. This is where you should come as a player to start the game.

If you are looking to get the utmost horror out of this I miss you game, then it is advisable not to see Markiplierโ€™s video before you play this game. This video may ruin your enthusiasm as it is not that scary and on top of it, it tickles your funny bone. However, in this game like in House 1 & 2, first you get into the inside of a room, and then you have to find clickable-items and press on them fast until something occurs. Each room generally ends with a jump scare and then you move to another room till you finish the game. This is all about I miss you dark horror game, download this today and enjoy the game.


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