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A little flash I made a year ago.

First panel: Kosi
Kosi’s favorite drink is Ramune Strawberry, a Japanese soda. I’ve heard it’s extremely good from her, so I decided to draw her indulging herself in a GIANT Ramune!

Second panel: Raider
Raider is a pretty cool guy… He doesn’t draw, but he likes to take pictures. You might have seen him around here, he always seems to leave a positive comment on submissions. Anyway, whenever we talk, his cat always seems to appear in the conversation. A LOT.

Third panel: Isinia
Like Raider, Isinia doesn’t draw, instead she is a writer and an active SLer. She is known for her love of the Asian arts, such as their clothing, as well as their speech. This seemed like something out of an anime, so I thought it would be appropriate for her.

Forth panel: Meko
Meko! She is EXTREMELY hyper, which can sometimes be scary… She is an artist here on FAC and FA, and I must say, her skills are improving at a rapid pace! She is known for finishing pictures in record time.

Fifth panel: Tsukiai
My Saiyan blood brother! Tsukiai and I go back a many years, and we’re very close friends. One thing we share is that we were brought up on DBZ. We both train hard, like Saiyans! Or should I say… super Saiyans!?

Sixth panel: Michael
One of the first furries I “met” when I came to FA. We don’t talk as much as we used to, for a personal reason, but he is a good friend. To explain the panel… Of the 3 girls that I’ve brought up in conversation, the word “yiff” has snuck in, lol. This isn’t tied to anything especially.

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