Disney’s Enchanted (DVD and Blu-Ray Minisite)

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Disney’s Enchanted (DVD and Blu-Ray Minisite)

A fairy tale comes to life in this thoroughly original, new Disney Classic. Drawing inspiration from its classic heritage, Disney creates an inspired story unlike any youโ€™ve experienced before. Filled with excitement, fun and incredible music from the legendary Alan Menken, ENCHANTED is the ultimate fish-out-of-water adventure.

For princess-to-be Giselle, life is a fairy tale โ€” until sheโ€™s banished from the animated land of Andalasia and thrust into the very unmagical, live-action world of modern-day Manhattan. When a cynical, no-nonsense divorce lawyer comes to her aid, little does he realize this joyful, wide-eyed innocent is about to enchant him.

ENCHANTED โ€” the musical comedy that will have your entire family under its spell.

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