Death Note: Name – Animation

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Death Note: Name – Animation

Rated E for Everyone.

re-re-re-re-EDIT:: You don’t have to download it anymore! Yay! Thank you for fixing the bug, dA. :heart:

Holy shait.

This only took me FOREVER. Well actually, it probably took about 25 or 30 hours out of my life.

It’s an animated version of that comic strip I did a whiles back, as well as a stab at voice overs and lipsinc. Truth is lipsincing isn’t that hard. Compared to full body animation, lipsinc is a walk in the park.

The voice of Light was done by my wittle brother James. I think he did a pretty good job.

The preloader (for those of you with a slow enough computer to appreciate it) was a BITCH to put together. It doesn’t even look that great. But I HATED trying to figure out the masking on my own. Don’t expect to see any deviations from the basic loading bar any time soon.

In fact, don’t expect to see any Flash movies again any time soon. This is the last one until I get all my summer homework done (and there’s a lot), and then of course, school kicks in again in September.

Oh, and click on British!Light’s word bubbles at the end of the movie. I had to actionscript those like crazy so don’t pass ’em up.

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Death Note: Name - Animation Gameplay

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