CW Audition: Down to Earth

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CW Audition: Down to Earth

*Edit: Increased sound quality since DA’s limit is 30mb . Scene selection (for some odd reason) Only works if you’re using the latest flashplayer AND firefox. Sorry IE folks but i got no clue how to get it working for you. (though it does work if you press and view it in the download bit)*

If you have trouble viewing it here, you can go to:

Newgrounds: [link]

Alibonblacksheep: [link]

Audition for :iconcivilwar-oct:

Running time 10 Minutes

Buttons and STUFF should work, if not, tell meh!

6 weeks in the making, and then 4 weeks making it again.

This flash has got to be the most unluckest flash i’ve ever made. Not ONLY did the copies corrupt all the time, but my stylus pen broke, i got a bad eye infection AND digestive infection, and to top it all off, the main FLA files got a memory leak so bad that i could no longer add anything to it. So after another 4 weeks of assing about, i finally have it ready. And i an’t adding no moar!

This flash has the most frame by frame i’ve ever done, about 85% of this movie is, and it damn near killed me too. The file size of the swf got a little too large so i had to go back through and tween things that i could get away with. Shows that doing it all frame by frame isn’t as possible as i thought.

I had to cut it short at the end due to file size limits, as well as pushing flash to its own limitations, so apologise for that.

ANYWHO i’ll leave you to sit back and watch what i’ve been working on for the past month and a smidgen.

I dunno if i’ve forgotten anything, if i have ah well. I’m done with it!

Critiques on animation are welcome! Ah must improveeee

Till next time dA

Voice talent:


Shrike, Beebs and Mini mel (c) =Zeurel
Diz (c) *NerinokuKai
Red and blue marine concepts (c) ~Beanjamish *The-Alchemists-Muse

Music from
Sound Effects from

All music and sfx (c) respective owners

Release date



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