Create a Touhou character extended

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Create a Touhou character extended

You can download Create.swf extended here. (click the top link.)

This is “Create a Touhou Character” eXtended, an edit of create.swf(Touhou 15 version).

Create.swf extended manual.

If you want to backup/transfer your save data you can try using this.

9/7/17: The scene title is now abbreviated when it gets too long.
9/4/17: The camera can now be manipulated with the middle mouse button(hold shift/control to zoom/rotate). The camera can also be zoomed by holding control and using the mouse wheel. Disabling auto prop size now uses the correct speech bubble size. Zooming the camera no longer makes images difficult to click on.
8/13/17: Prop effect “attached” bugfixes and improvements, “attached” effect now handles flipping correctly. Prop effects can now have their targets changed from their options menu.
8/11/17: Added effects “outline” and “attached”.
7/26/17: Fixed hair color saving issue. Added effect:”theater mode = hide”.
7/24/17: Added “Hat” to character detach menu. renamed shoe “Minoriko” to “Barefoot”. Yoshika arms and Barefoot now work with custom skin colors. Fixed a vanilla create.swf compatibility issue(correct backgrounds should load from old saves now).

Find any issues, or have a feature request? Then let me know.(Hard drive died, and lost motivation so new updates are unlikely.)
I’m not an artist though, if there’s any prop/background/character you want you’ll want to look here first, if they don’t have it yet you can try making a request there.


“Create a Touhou Character” is created, drawn, and owned by :iconkirbym: programming by :iconthiefknight:

-Extended Mod-
Programming: :iconrsgmaker:

Graphical asset contributors:

The full changelog can be viewed here.


Create a Touhou character extended screenshots

Create a Touhou character extended Gameplay

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