Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion

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Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion

There it is! Have fun!

List of cool people, who helped me:
DerpTime who made the map art
Grizzly who made the game music (Bandcamp link)
Botchan-MLP and ponynoia who made some character sprites
smeshmunya who did beta testing

Pony sprites by Desktop-Pony-Team

Aaaand here is already the first let’s play!

Version 1.71 changes:
* Fixed bug with Rainbow Dash in easy mode

Version 1.7 changes:
* Buffed wave 47
* Nerfed wave 48
* Nerfed wave 49
* Nerfed wave 56

To see the previous changes, click here:

Version: 1.71

Canterlot Siege 3: Inversion screenshots

Source: (via Wayback Machine)

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