Caipirinha Ahk – Test

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Caipirinha Ahk – Test

Oh man this look so raggy…. Sorry guys, it’s just the test anyway.. I’m gonna make a mpore neat and pretty version.. I just wanted to make sure I could make this work for him… XD

This is SOOO HARD. In the end, I had to redo the “putting together part” in Flash… I had done it in Photoshop.. but it didn’t work out as well as i had hoped… It wasn’t fast enough… then I though “Oh I’ll do it in Flash”…. And it’s a lot better. :3

Anyway, I hope you guys like. It’s a little side project for extra credit.. I hope. XD I worked so hard on this… I don’t mind of I don’t get anything… I learned A LOT making it… Like how hard it is to keep things the same size every time. T^T

I wanted to do this after I saw’s version with Roy in it. (Link at bottom)

It rocked my world.. so I had to try Ahk with it too… Hopefully, i will EVENTUALLY find the time to redo this… I might be able to make it into one of my final projects… Somehow, I hope. >:3

So… in total:
-Time: 3 hours
-Frames: 16

Caipirinha dance IS NOT MINE
Ahk (c) me by *

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Caipirinha Ahk – Test screenshots

Caipirinha Ahk - Test Gameplay

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