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Bugbusters is an online cartoon series relating the story of two bugbusters in a futurist world where disco is the latest trend. This episode was realized in three months from february to april 2002.

It’s a school project. The exercise was to create the first episode of a full season series, and by consequence to create the big bible of this show (Background & storyline definition, character personalities and visuals, etc). The main idea was to make something with all the cool things i’ve seen on tv during the 80’s : Starsky & Hutsh, Ghostbusters, etc. With that, I’ve tried to add some humour et funny things, and using Flash to make something a little bit interactive. With a great funky soundtrack i hope it made it ! On this episode I made everything: the story, all animations in Flash and the programming (Animations, sounds and musics integrated in Flash. Scripting of all interactions).

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