Bolt Breakout

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Rhino is not only a friend of Bolt the super-dog, but he is also his biggest fan. He knows it very well that you are also one of Boltโ€™s super-fans, and this is the reason why he wants to have some great fun with you in Rhino’s Breakout game.

Using a remote that you control with your mouse, you can help Rhino clean some stage of blocks and get more points but be careful not to drop him down. Another important thing is that during this game, you have to be as fast as Bolt himself because the time in which you complete each level will affect your final score.

How to play the game
From time to time, Dr. Calico will appear out of some blocks. Be careful not to hit him, or you will end up with more blocks to break.

Also, you can get little rewards, because if you find Penny, it can triple your points. Bolt also will appear from time to time, while you advance through the levels, and he can increase the ballโ€™s speed.

Try as much as possible to keep Rhinoโ€™s ball on the field because you only have three chances to pass the levels of the game and show everyone what a great fan you are. You can also try to beat your own score all the time and become even better and faster.

If you are in the mood for a little bit of fun while you break everything that stays in your way, this is the perfect moment to do it.

Have fun!

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