Battle Without End

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If you are tired of wasting your time grinding in MMOs, try this. This is an IDLE RPG for you to kill time. But also more interaction than common idle games.
It contains all the elements of a RPG game,
even more than ordinary.
-Skills(decide how powerful you are)
-Equipment(with entirely random stats)
-A Blacksmithing system to upgrade your equipment with success rate
-Rebirth system(level doesnโ€™t mean everything)
-No player class(let your skills decide what you are good at)
I get a lot of ideas from Mabinogi, itโ€™s really a good game. If you like this, you should have a try on Mabinogi.(I think itโ€™s way better than WOW:>)
Thanks for RooSalad who set a wilki for this game, thanks for you guysโ€™ support


Read the Wiki for more info!
TIPS: The flash player does not continue to run flash apps in inactive tabs, so to be able to play while idle, run the game in a separate window (not tab).
Point and click to control, see mouse-over tips for details (we are working on further detailed tips).
The battle part is totally automatic, what you need to do are:
Loot stuff to strength yourself, or sell them to gain money which can be spent to upgrade your equipment;
Learn and Equip skills to fight.
Set your title to enhance your stat.
Upgrade your Equipment.
Travel through the world (open your map in the OPTIONS tab) to challenge stronger monsters!
After 20 years old, you can chose to be reborn.
Every 20 min, you grow up 1 age.


PvP does not work, even in Kongregate.

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