Barbie Tutu Star

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Be a Ballerina! Grab your toe shoes and try out for a starring role in Tutu Star, pick a dance routine and start rehearsing for your grand performance!

Notes: Korean version’s text doesn’t display. However, the text can be viewed in its xml file. Hack note: Japanese and Ukrainian versions’ xmls were edited to fix an issue regarding fonts. Missing asset:

Taneční hvězda; Balletstjerne; Prima Ballerina; Γίνε η Πρώτη Μπαλαρίνα; Estrella del ballet; Estrella del tutú; Balettitähti; Star en Tutu; Zvijezda Balerina; Balerina sztár; Stella del Balletto; チュチュスター; 튀튀 스타; Tutu Ster; Prima ballerina; Gwiazda baletu; Estrela do Tutu; Estrela de Ballet; Stea Ballerina; Звезда балета; Tutu zvezda; Ballerina Stjärna; Bale Yıldızı; 芭蕾舞明星

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