Alice & Nix’s Adventure

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Alice & Nix’s Adventure

Alice & Nix like exploring. They want to find the mystery castle. But it’s not an easy job

Author Comments:

Madam Peach’s castle lies deep in the forest…Its grounds are protected by boobytraps, set to challenge all would-be visitors. No one dares visit the castle!
But Madam Peach isn’t happy. She’s ordered her butler-Mr. Bunny-to find brave adventurers to master the boobytraps. Mr. Bunny hopped off to find them-and got lucky…
Alice and Nix are a sibling duo. They’re brave and adventurous, and don’t give up!They fearlessly came to the forest…And have already defeated many of Madam Peach’s boobytraps…
Let’s see if they make it all the way…

Alice and Nix’s Adventure

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