Tofu Leek Rage

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Wow, my first Flash submission XD
So, obviously if there’s any problems with it I’m sorry D:
And please don’t point out the mistakes, I can see them quite clearly, this was just for fun. >:

Got this crazy idea after being in a Ustream chat while watching this page get finished. We were all wondering what was going to do with that leek now that she picked it up, and the ever popular leek spin came to my mind .

I thought it’d be quite lulzy(and easy)to do so I went ahead and did it! Only after procrastinating for about 8 hours first XD;

Of course, * had to suggest the face to make it even more hilarious so obviously I complied.

Tofu ©
Ievan’s Polka © Loituma
fff face ©
Leek © Vegetables

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Tofu Leek Rage Gameplay

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