The Hallik Engine

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Read this before you write a review saying: โ€œthereโ€™s no point to the gameโ€.

This is an engine, its main purpose is for people to mod it. I designed the actionscript and the engine so everyone with Flash can mod it. Even N00Bโ€™s.

Download FLA from here:

So over to the comments:

This game has been under development for about a month. Its my first flash with AS other than stop(); and play(); . Its not only me who has done this, I would thank Stick_Moose and Morku for helping me trough this and also designing stuff(see credits)

Feel free to ask questions about the engine at my mail: [email protected]
Or AIM me at: โ€œnorwegianblโ€

So the last thing i have to say: donโ€™t like it, take the fla and make it better!!..


The Hallik Engine screenshots


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