The Adventures of Boris

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The Adventures of Boris

Oh, the memories… This was the first serious game I ever made, and was where the ‘RPG engine’ that I created (and have used four times so far) originated. This game is a weird one, and there’s a (?) in the name because as far as I know, it doesn’t actually have a name at all…
This game has character customisation, unlike the others, and a battle system that is actually original rather than ripped off some other game… It’s quite a stereotypical fantasy story, but you couldn’t really tell because there isn’t enough of it made yet.
I haven’t modified this one since… oh… about 2 months ago, I think.

The controls:
Arrow Keys: move the character.
ENTER: Talk to people, open chests.
ESC: Close menu
CTRL: Open menu, hold this and click an item to add that item to the ‘quikbar’.
SHIFT: Attack (in battle)
SPACE: In field, hold down for status screen (it goes away when released). In battle, jump.
UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS: block or duck, respectively, in battle.
MOUSE: everything else.

Notes: Prototype, full game was never completed.

The Adventures of Boris screenshots

Source: (via Wayback Machine)

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