Superhero or Villain Creator

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Superhero or Villain Creator

Create a character and dress up as a superhero, villain or perhaps something in between! 😀

You may post this game on your website, the link for it is:

UPDATE 05/01: Forgot to add the option to remove the extra patreon items, that has been added now! 🙂

News in this game:
1. Color palette update
The main and skincolor palettes have been upgraded again! The main palette has increased from 135 colors to 180. The skincolor palette has increased from 39 colors to 46.

2. Braces were supposed to be added but was cancelled.
This is a suggestion I got and I decided to try it out while making the game. But because the doll’s head is so small, you could barely see what the braces was and it just ended up making it look weird. So I decided to not include this feature. I might try it again if I make a game where the doll has a bigger face.

3. Topwear and bottomwear can now swap layers!
Finally you can chose wether to have the shirt or pants on top of each other 🙂

Please enjoy! ^.^

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Superhero or Villain Creator Gameplay

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