Super, Awesome, Lazy, BULLY Flash

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Super, Awesome, Lazy, BULLY Flash

The Super Awesome Lazy Bully Flash

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Crappy animation. Crappy drawings. Crappy coloring. Crappy voices. Crappy Humor. Just one thing…you get what you paid for.
Just a few things before you watch the movie, okay? This is the first time I actually put a decent amount of effort into a flash movie. And it’s the longest one that I EVER made so I still haven’t really gotten everything down, but during the movie, the sound will probably start to lag with the movie and I have no idea how to fix this…but if it DOES start to lag-
Right click on the flash, click forward, then right click again and then press play. This should get the sound realigned with the animation. :\ Soo….yeah.
MORE ABOUT THE SOUND QUALITY!! I’m very aware that a WHOLE bunch of you just love to bitch about the crappy microphone that I use, I just wanna say that I’M NOT GETTING A NEW ONE!! It’s the best quality that I could get from it and I don’t wanna spend mad moolah on a new microphone just so you guys will stop bitching about the sound quality, I don’t mind the bitching, it’s just that I’m not gonna be a ‘professional’ flash artist that some of you may think you are, I just do flash for fun and I don’t care if the mic is crap or not, so yeah, if you REALLY can’t stand the quality of the voices, just click the back button.
And yes, I’m a terrible voice actor! -dies- All of the characters sound the SAME!! D:
Anyways…This flash is ALL about the awesome game called Bully, or Canis Canem Edit! It’s really an AMAZING game, and if you never played it, then you should go to the store now AND GET IT!!! 😀 Plus, if you never played this game before, you probably won’t get some of the jokes, even if they are lame…
Credits Voices: Gary, Jimmy, Petey, Kirby, Karen, Trent, Troy-DragonRider13025 “Gary, I thought what we had was special” -Patrick from Spongebob (c) Nickelodeon Music: Bully Main Theme (c) Shawn Lee M.C.A.T Feat (c) Ayumi Hamasaki Beach Parade (c) Armando Trovaioli Vendetta Jocks (c) Shawn Lee Buy01 (c) Sims School’s Out (c) Shawn Lee Ninja Rap (c) Vanilla Ice What is Love (c) Haddaway
Other: Bully/Canis Canem Edit (c) Rockstar Vancouver ‘sweater vest pun’-Fairly Odd Parents (c) Nickelodeon Gary ‘runs with scissors’ idea (c) my best friend Animation/Drawings (c) DragonRider13025

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S.A.L. Bully Flash


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