Summoner Saga Endless Chapter 6

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Summoner Saga Endless Chapter 6

OK!=) Let’s go!

The 6th chapter of Summoner Saga Endless. Sequel of Flash RPG battle game, Summoner Saga! A RPG Flash Game in anime style. If you’re familiar with TBS games, (turned base strategy games), adapting to this game will be easy. For the first player, please try the Tutorial mode and learn the game play. You have to follow it through to complete the game. Check for the story and characters with anime style too. If you beat the game once, a gallery mode will be unlocked. Many new enemies waiting for battle.

From this chapter, you can change your guardian during the battle, but you need SP cost.;p
Be careful, because sometimes enemy can change their elemental weakness and resistant too.

Secret guardian in this chapter is quite difficult to be find=) watch out at the dungeon.

I hope you like it jaaaaa=D
If you find any errors, please tell me.

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Summoner Saga Endless Chap 6

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