Summoner Saga Chapter 3

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Summoner Saga Chapter 3

YYAAAYY!!! =D Finally 3rd chapter of Summoner Saga is finished XD This is Keith’s chapter, diffrent with Lilim’s chapter, you will never find sexy female enemis ;p
The battle system are better now, and important characters appear in this chapter. It’s will be closer to mystery of First summoner and Forbidden Child=)

Some new features in chaper 3:
1. The battle system are upgreated! Now the Summoner’s Hp and Guardian’s HP are diffrent.
2. Summoner and Guardian has diffrent turn. (it’s mean your team can attack for 2times.)
3. Sp system is still used, but your SP will increased if you take damage from enemy.
4. new BGM are added!!! It’s cooler than before!!
5. sorry, Challenge mode are not available in this chaper….=p

I hope you like it and please wait for 4th chapter!!!

Game, illust, and story by myself :iconmoai666:
Music by :iconwirarama:
and Translated by :iconricobanderas9:

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Summoner Saga Chap 3


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